How to play bingo?

How to play bingo How to play bingo

The electronic age has brought new dimension to games. Most of them have been developing a presence online for the last ten years. Lottery games and bingo more precisely are now played in online rooms. The rules of traditional bingo and the way the new game is played may differ slightly. This is the reason why we have decided to present the rules of this very popular game in detail.

At online bingo, a great deal of players competes against each other in view of winning a pot, or prize. The exact value of this prize varies depending on the players’ initial bets. But before you decide to go bet your money online, think of comparing the offers of our casino-partners. They have lots of bonuses to give you and this free money will definitely help you out!

The specific rules of online bingo

Don't know how to play bingo online? The proceedings of the game differ a little bit from what we have in the standard form of bingo. When it comes to playing bingo online, the user will have to sign in in order to participate to an open game session. Secondly, he will buy one or more bingo cards at the cashier. Without these cards, the player will not be able to compete. The online bingo cards are made up of 25 colored boxes: some are empty, other have letters marked on them with the letters B, I, N, G, and O spelled out across the card. The goal of the game is to fill in the desired boxes and to complete the word BINGO.

Differences between the two versions

There are many differences between the bingo game played on the web and the offline one:

  • In the traditional game, a caller is in charge of enforcing the game’s rules. He is the one who draws the bingo balls and announces the numbers. But in online bingo, there are no callers at all. They are often replaced by a digital voice or an electronic board that merely highlight the draws numbers on the player’s computer screen.
  • Online bingo offers many assets unlike its ancestor. For instance, the picked numbers are marked automatically thanks to a software. The computer will even make a mark on your card when a specific number is called. In other words, the software does everything and you can rest up! Head over to to get more on this with free games of bingo for Canadian players.
  • One of the greatest advantages online casinos provide players with is the promotions’ range. Indeed, when you are a new player, you can claim some bonus packages that will allow you to increase the money you have deposited into your account. This way, you will be able to play with a lot of free cash! No need to worry about your bank overdraft anymore!

Enjoy the entertainment of Bingo!

Here is everything you need to know if you are a beginner at bingo: