How to win at bingo?

How to win at bingo How to win at bingo

There are numerous ways to increase your odds at bingo. In the following article, we will reveal simple methods that you can use any time to win big pots at lottery games such as bingo and keno. Plus links to free bingo games to play online.

Do not overlook the auto-daub function

Many gamblers tend to neglect the auto-daub option. However, this is one of the most interesting strategic maneuvers that you can make. When you feel tired, when you are busy doing something, activating the auto-daub function will help you to stay focused on the game and play the maximum number of bingo cards available. For UK players wanting to try this on casino games based in their region, then click the free online bingo link and try this yourself.

Always play more than just one card

For sure, playing more than one card will cost you more. But you have to keep in mind that playing several cards concurrently is maybe the safest way of increasing your odds and, alternatively, to win more money. Before you would want to do that, remember to compare the price of each card and think of evaluating what it the prize pool at stake.

Always pick similar cards

When you want to play several cards at the same time, you also want to use the exact same format of card. Even though scattering out the number of cards may keep you within the game longer, always using the same card –no matter what its number is, is a good opportunity for you to hit the jackpot!

Choose rooms with fewer players

Even though the virtual bingo rooms that welcome fewer players may pay less, betting your money on them gives you a bigger possibility of a victory. In fact, the less the competition, the more chance you have to hit the prize. You should try to sign in during down hours given that fewer gamblers seem to be logged in at that very specific time of the day (in the early morning or very late at night).

Chase the big prizes

You should always go after the biggest prizes. Chasing huge jackpots will of course enable you to cash in more money into your account in case of victory. But it is also very rewarding. Indeed, you are very often compelled to face a great number of rivals which means that your victory has a special taste. In other word, this is good for the ego!

Give chat room games a shot

One perk you may find online is that when you are already involved in a specific bingo game, you can still play other games at the same time. Chat room games are really funny and exciting and they can provide you with a few bonus euros or dollars. Some additional money is always welcomed!

Here are more ways for you to win big while playing online bingo: